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David Benioff Net Worth

David Benioff Net Worth

David Benioff Net Worth

David Benioff Net Worth, Benioff was born in New York to a Jewish family. His Family Lives in different countries. He grew up in Manhattan. David is the father of three children’s. Benioff read in English High school and do some little number of jobs in after the school in 1992 he joined Trinity College at 1995.

Early Life

Benioff College name Dartmouth its college in the beautiful society. After the college Benioff get a Fine degree and he starting novel reading and writing. His First Novel title is Fireman Down, and complete his book in two years and his novel is publishing in six months. After the novel completed   He was started his novel in movie shape. At the 2002 He Play a screen rolls. His first payment $2.5 Million or His movie title is hit for the world. David Benioff Net Worth is $18 Million…


            David Benioff was spending two years to publish his novel. His First novel Title was nine rolls over. He also writes many scripts. Or Toby Maguire Read his novel story and convert into a film of the book and its film was awarded. David Benioff uses his first novel title again and shortly or writes many novels 2004 and many movie directors are selected his novel for making new movies. David Benioff first screenplay in 2004. Or his first payment Warner Bros pays him for $2.5 Million DAVID BENIOFF NET WORTH. He also writes a novel in 2005 or novel name was Psychological thriller stay and his next novel directed by Marc Forest and starred Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts. Benioff screenplay at 2007 and its Roll play name is The Kite Runner.

Writing Career

His 2004 screenplay partner is X-Men spin-Off Origins Wolverine next Roll play at 2009. David Benioff Barry Windsor-Smith’s Weapon X copy story as Chris Claremont and Frank Miller’s 1982 limited series on the character after roll play Benioff adept a song at 2006 Song name is Ice and Fire novel series by George R.R. Martin and worked by B.D Weiss and Proposed TV Series Game of Thrones DAVID BENIOFF NET WORTH.

Film and Television

His first movie publishes at HBO TV channel at 2007 and the series greenlit in 2010. The showrunners and writers of the show which being airing in 2011 and Benioff make a horror movie, His movie title was The Headmasters  But it was never made.

His second novel in the 2008 City of Thieves was published. Benioff hired by Universal Picture in Oct 2007 to a write more adept roll play of the Charles R. Cross Biography of Kurt Cobain but the screenplay was not for used and He announced on 10 April 2014 He and B.D BD Weiss had taken three feature films project to write DAVID BENIOFF NET WORTH.

Real  Name David Benioff
 Nike Name David Friedman
Date of birth 25 September 1970
Place of Birth New York USA
Father Name Stephen Friedman
Net Worth $18 Million
Occupation Television Producer, Novelist, Director of Television
Mother Name Barbara Benioff
Children  Name Frances Pen Benioff, Molly June Benioff
Height 1.88
Education California-Irvine, Trinity College, Dublin


Nationality USA America

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